The novel

Even though from April to September this year, I wrote avidly every day – completing probably half of a novel (I’d say 40,000 words is half a novel, wouldn’t you?) – I seemed to hit a sudden brick wall. Fucking brakes (unfortunately my propensity for crap jokes continues with zeal and I can only apologise for what’s to come.)

I made numerous excuses, along the lines of; I can’t write because my computer’s broken; I’m going to France, I’ll carry on when I got back… etc.  Ok, both were genuine excuses but the computer got fixed and I arrived back from my (ahem) four-day trip to Paris and it is now December and I’ve written nothing for over two months.

The thing is, the book is a fucking cracker! I think I’m a little scared to revisit it because I know it needs a lot of work and a fair amount of scenes deleting, rewriting and so on; as well as another 40,000 words worth of work.

But I have a plan. A fellow writer friend of mine (who is also struggling to write albeit for different reasons) pointed out that you just need to find some time to write every day – even if it’s not very good (so I’m fulfilling that quota) just to practice.

My writing definitely was getting better and better between April and September so for the foreseeable future I will be wittering on and on and on, on here!

See you tomorrow!


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