Writer’s block, daily rejection and the internet

Having vowed to write at least one blog a day I was pleased to see that days 1, 2 & 3 flowed very smoothly indeed. Then today came and I sat here and stared at the page with not even a hint of a poxy idea.

I’m sure that writer’s block must be a hundred times worse today than it was 15 years ago. A typewriter just didn’t have the same distractions that the internet does. There is me, (when I’m not working, in my spare time I might add), wanting to write for a living and after a few words and a bit of a blank, I open up a new internet page and check my email (expecting to hear from some potential new clients) only it is to no avail. This then knocks me a little so I check Facebook (what for, I honestly don’t know) only to find no-one has Friend Requested me, messaged me or posted a message to my wall, or even ‘liked’ something I’ve written.) This action leaves me feeling rather friendless, boring and lonely (not to mention ‘sad’ although not in the unhappy sense of the word,) so I have a look at my blog to see if anyone has given me the approval I appear to be so desperately seeking. Nobody has even looked at my blogs, let alone commented on them. Shit. How about a look on eBay to see if that person I’d offered £50 to for a lovely M&S sofa has said yes. No response. Even THEY couldn’t be arsed to respond to me.

As a profession writing has long been associated with rejection, depression and loneliness but shit, doesn’t the internet compound them?

Only one answer, STOP SEEKING FUCKING APPROVAL! My partner’s mantra for as long as I’ve known him.  The bastard certainly never seeks any approval from me… 🙂


One thought on “Writer’s block, daily rejection and the internet

  1. My guy has got a similar world view. He’s unaffected by humans in any way. I speak in public for a few different types of things and it always affects me negatively. You can’t please everyone and I learn that every time. He could give a rip about what people think. Meanwhile, I’m stalking their Facebook looking for the reason they are horrible which will in turn validate my obvious worthiness.

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