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  1. Oh I hear you there !! Thank you for recently following me 🙂 Us new ‘baby fresh’ authors have to stick together ! I also have a main job – our two Ebay stores. And between the two, I have had every nut job on the planet pop in and buy something – I swear !! The worst negative I have had so far was: “don’t rust this seller – bought a used dress and it came brand new with tags ”
    And Ebay ? “can’t remove that comment, its a honest opinion…”. And do not get me started on this whole new defect thingy-me-bobby! Are they trying to drive all sellers out of business so only large companies can sell on ebay- have you noticed they hide their feedback (argos, littlwoods the lot)

      1. or they just keep coming up with ways to torture us!. I feel like they change their standards every few months at least. We dropped from longterm top rated to just dangling above standard the same day they changed the system to defects, we have it back now but phew, was it hard work! It’s a shame, because most buyers are genuine, but it only takes 5 out of 2000 and you aren’t good enough according to Ebay 😦

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