My First Novel – Published!

Kate Beth Heywood

I had the pleasure of self-publishing my first novel this week which was an intensely proud moment. Just signing into Amazon and Kobo and seeing it available to download is quite breathtaking really. Having the book appear at Kindle>Humour Number# 12 on Amazon was even better. And it was #9 on Kobo earlier. What an amazing feeling.

The book is called ‘Anti-Social Media’ and it was inspired by all the bullies and the trolls that inhabit our beloved social media streams. It seems as though every time a person puts even the tiny tip of their toe wrong, he/she ‘sparks’ a ‘Twitter outrage’ and the Twitter community ‘demand’ an apology. Which they usually get. The trolls; we give them an astonishing amount of power. However, it was also inspired by how easy it is for overnight fame to come to the normal man or woman on the street.

Enter my character…

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