The Payday Sale??

I’m quite likely a little late to the party on this one but at the end of last week I was inundated with emails and adverts for Payday Sales!

Groupon, Boohoo, Debenhams, eBay, House of Fraser, Jane Norman, and The Book People are just a few of the cheeky beggars that I received messages from and/or saw adverts online from enticing workers to spend their hard-earned cash on unnecessary crap.  And that’s just the emails I haven’t deleted already.

Is this now the norm? Payday used to be about (in my early twenties) going out for (quite) a few drinks, then when I got older, it was about going food shopping to fill the desperately empty cupboards.  Going shopping for clothes, or books, or buying falconry experiences, fish foot spas, or new bedlinen (thank you, Groupon – I am guilty of the first two) were not really hot on the list. They were things that could wait a few days and weren’t, you know, desperately on the agenda.

I hate how cynical the world is. Payday sales! The entire concept is horrible! Hey! It’s payday! Come and spend all your (limited) spare cash on crap you don’t need! Woohoo!


Despite all the so-called great news coming from Osborne and Cameron, there are so many people who can’t afford the basics of life – food and shelter. And they don’t need cynical companies trying to steal their few spare pennies out from under their noses.


6 thoughts on “The Payday Sale??

  1. We live in a bloody awful society where everyones after out last penny! I barely read my emails now as these companies have a never again ‘sale’ every other week

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