Mars Bar Anyone?

It’s been just over a month since I self-published my first novel, Anti-Social Media, and the random sales are just starting to drip in and every single one is still exciting for me. I think we all start with dreams of waking up and hoping that overnight we went viral but in reality, there’s a big fat zero.

Today I excitedly told my husband that yesterday somebody had bought my book through Kindle Unlimited, and another again today. He was genuinely pleased for me and then said, ‘at this rate by the end of the year, you’ll be able to buy a Mars Bar.’ Bastard.

It’s not quite as bad as all that, but not far off. Any dreams I once had of making money from this first book have dissipated over the past month and I’m more than happy with that. I’ve found that I’m more excited about the fact that some people actually want to read my book than the fact that there may be some money in it for me.

Naturally, however, I’d be seriously fucked off if I didn’t start to make some big bucks with my next novel – I’m not a flippin’ saint! But dragging myself reluctantly back to the real world I know I need to build up a catalogue of work behind me first.

For now, I’ll settle for that Mars Bar. And I might even have enough to get my husband one too.

13 thoughts on “Mars Bar Anyone?

  1. I wouldn’t buy him a Mars bar!! let him buy one himself 😛 if he does not believe in your success 😀
    all the best and good luck!!!

      1. 😀 Oh for sure he is, but just to tease him – I’d just wave that bar in his face 😀 😛

  2. Making money off your writing…hmm. Ambitious. As Dr. Johnson said, “Only a fool writes for anything but money.” (Close enough.) But I suspect he wanted more than coin. And he got it, because we still quote him. Writing is tough. Best to do your best and take the money if/as it comes. The writing is pretty much all you can control. “Full many a flower,” etc. Good luck to you!

  3. Don’t mind me while I gnaw on the half of a Mars bar I could afford from my earnings. 😄
    Brilliant blog. Love it!! 😀✌

  4. As the editor of the Hampton Roads Writers’ newsletter, I know a little bit about publishing. Way way harder than most people realize. As for big bucks from writing? If your name is John Grisham, no sweat. Good for you for getting one under your belt and starting another one!

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