Anti-Social Media (a book review)

Thank you so much to Mojofiction ( for taking the time to read and review my book. Here is the review xx


Anti-Social Media All publicity is good publicity…

The novel Anti-Social Media, by first-time author Kate Beth Heywood, describes itself as “savagely funny.” In its own unique way, that statement is entirely true. But let’s get to that later. First, what is this novel about?

Constance Anderson is a young woman living out her dreams in the UK. In other words, she is an aspiring screenwriter with no screenplay and no real prospects at selling one. She has no job, a boyfriend she’s fed up with, and a whole 23 Twitter followers, most of whom are of the “we can help you grow your Twitter base if you just…” variety. Yeah, it’s the dream. When superstar actress Jennifer Roberts follows Constance on Twitter, she’s rocketed to fame literally overnight. As the sharks circle in, hoping to use Constance to bite into their piece of fame and fortune, she has to decide if she really wants that life or not.


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10 thoughts on “Anti-Social Media (a book review)

  1. I just read your book, the Anti Social Media and I really liked it! It was very funny and well written! I hope you will continue writing 🙂

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