Author Spotlight: Kate-Beth Heywood

An author spotlight on… me! Thank you, Elisha xx

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After meeting Kate-Beth Heywood on WordPress, I knew that I wanted her to join the list of Geek’s spotlights. Cover 6 x 9Her writing comes across as educated, well-written, and unique. Make sure to check out her book, Anti-Social Media, and follow her social media accounts to keep up with Kate-Beth’s humourous writing!

1. When did you know you wanted to be a writer?

I’d been writing short stories since I was about nine years old, but it wasn’t until I was twenty-seven that I realised that I actually wanted to do it for a living. I even studied journalism at university but a year into the course, I wished I had studied English Literature instead!

2. Which writers inspire you?

Agatha Christie’s natural storytelling ability is something I both admire and am rather jealous of. And I really love Kate Atkinson’s characters; she’s fantastic at characterisation.

3. Do you write full time or…

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3 thoughts on “Author Spotlight: Kate-Beth Heywood

  1. Hi Kate-Beth, Thanks for following me at …. I’m glad you are interested! I’ve sitting here with my Sierra Nevadas (I try not to drink anymore, but this is one of those days that will live in infamy, I’m sure you’ve had them) and been reading your posts. Fucking-A awesome! You are smart and funny and I would love to read your first book, “Anti-Social Media” …. I’m a reactionary old curmudgeon even though I’m only 30 and don’t have facebook or twitter of instigram or anything like it. Just my blog and an email address. I might like the book, I like your style of writing. Let me know through some message on my site. Sorry for the long rant. Take care! Alex.

    1. Hi Alex, thanks for your message. Thank you for the smart and funny comments, I did enjoy reading those :D. I would love you to have a read of my book. My husband doesn’t have Twitter or Facebook either but he thought it was brilliant! Although, yes of course he’s going to say that, but I believed him :). I’ll send you a message, Kate x

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