Vicki’s Open Letter

Please read this lady’s battle against not just her muscular dystrophy, but also the NHS.

The Hedgeblog


This is Vicki Dennis.

I came across her story on a community facebook page, and was so moved that I offered to share her letter on my blog. I asked Vicki to send me a photograph to make her letter more personal. What a pretty girl she is! And how tragic that she spends every day in pain like this, when it could possibly be avoided with a little more help from ‘our’ Health Services in the UK.

Please share, especially if you are in countries outside the UK. I am hoping that there is a doctor out there who can help or advise this brave young lady in her time of need.

With lots of love to you, Vicki,

The Hedgehog xxx


by Vicki Dennis

To whom will listen,

I am writing to you as my last resort, to plea for some interaction from Senior Officials…

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