Smorgasbord Christmas Reading – Anti-Social Media by Kate-Beth Heywood

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Barely a day does not go by when there is not yet another headline about a celebrity at the losing end of a social media blunder. And celebrities are not the only socialites who are impacted by trolls and bullies judging by the posts on Facebook regularly. Anti-Social Media by Kate-Beth Heywood is a comedy of errors about the subject.. A great gift for any of us who spend way too much time online.. and a warning for those who are about to venture onto one of the social media platforms. Think before you click send!

511bj4icpgl-_uy250_About the book

Constance Anderson is a scriptwriter… without a script. But this isn’t a problem until, by random stroke of fate the Hollywood diva Jennifer Roberts announces on American primetime television that Constance is writing her next movie.

This is news to Constance; how the hell did that happen? She is jettisoned to…

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